Scars of Grace

cross-1979473_1920Deep wounds in this world make us weep,
Dark times of desperation,
We’ll face days when tears are falling,
And years when death keeps calling.

For there will be sin and sickness,
Shadows soar over the sun,
With days like night never-ending,
Wounds, for a Savior’s healing.

Jesus, bring Your healing,
Show us, Your scars of grace.

Lead us to endless days,
Turn wounds into scars of grace,
Savior, send Your healing.

We will have times of suffering,
Dark doubts in desert places,
Wounded hearts enslaved by the pain,
Longing for Mercy to reign.

For there will be fires and failures,
Sunburn in the scorching sun,
With flames that seem never-ending,
Wounds, for a Savior’s healing.

Put your finger here,
See my hands and feet,
Place your hand in my side,
Do not disbelieve.

Behind the lines

I selected these lyrics as my first song post because I know many friends who have deep wounds from the past, and others who are going through difficult circumstances.

However, “we know that all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28). We also know there is hope in the Lord Jesus Christ who bears the “scars” of our sin and shame, and He alone can truly heal us. No matter the difficulties or doubts we may have (as Thomas had in John 20:24-29),  when the “scars” of the Lord Jesus Christ are revealed to us, we will we say like Thomas, “My Lord and my God!”

Do you have wounds you are dealing with? If so, I encourage you to run to the “Great Physician” who can heal wounds and turn them into “scars of grace.” For others, whom the Lord has already healed, how do you reveal your “scars of grace” as a testament to His amazing grace?

May these lyrics remind you of what He has done and continues to do.


3 thoughts on “Scars of Grace

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  1. Hello Tim,
    Your dad directed me to your blog and I can say that I am very thankful that he did. Even though I did not know Tom Carpenter I was moved by your description of him and the effect that his life had upon yours. Now I feel like I did know him. Most of us think that it is the great platitudes and teaching that profoundly affects the LORD’s people, but it is most clearly the attitudes and lives of those brethren which the LORD is pleased to bring us into fellowship with that is of lasting value. May Tom’s memory be kept alive by every verse you are led to write and ultimately that CHRIST alone is exalted. Keep up the good work. May the LORD bless your endeavor. Blessings, Mike McInnis


  2. Hi Tim. Very nice visiting your site. I encourage you to keep writing both articles and verse. I believe God will bless your efforts. Our sites have grown in the seven years we have had them. People don’t answer like we would wish, but many come to the sites. We know the gospel message is being read, and listened to on Sermon Audio.I am gonna sign up for your email notification so i will know when you release something. Thanks, and keep writing.


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