The Judge

law-1063249_1920Rejoice in God’s justice and wrath,
Give thanks for His equity,
Praise Him for His righteousness,
For He alone is holy.

Come and tremble before His throne,
The God of consuming fire,
Stand in awe of the Son who reigns,
The Just and Justifier.

Lord, You will judge every case,
Your judgements are right and true.
For all salvation and glory,
And power belong to You.

The wicked perish in Your wrath,
And You cast them all away,
But those justified at Your cross,
Live on in eternal day.

Repent and trust in Jesus Christ,
Kneel now or before His seat,
For all will confess He is Lord,
And bow at the Judge’s feet.

Wake the dead to praise Your grace,
Give new eyes so more can see,
For You will judge all the earth,
We need You desperately.

Behind the Lines

These lyrics celebrate God’s justice and wrath (which are not often sung about).  We do not want a judge who can be bribed, who ignores justice, or who changes his mind.  We really do want justice and the last judgement will come from the One who can’t be bribed and never changes. He alone is Holy, Righteous and Good and He will judge with equity.

I’ve been guilty of many things. I’m ever mindful and thankful for substitutionary atonement (where Christ took my sin, the Father’s wrath, and the punishment I deserve).

This Judge knows all about worldly injustice and He can sympathize with us. Have you experienced injustice? If so, look to the cross.


4 thoughts on “The Judge

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  1. Tim,

    You are so right here. Two words that we as Christians DON’T use near enough are MERCY and GRACE. Thank God for both, but I must say that we need to thank Him for all of His attributes, all of His Being, all of His love. As well as all of His JUSTICE. We don’t have the option to choose one over the others. Keep up the good work.

    Your Servant in Christ,



    1. Alton,

      Thank you for visiting and for your encouragement. Yes, we should meditate on Him and praise Him for all His attributes. May we do so until we are completely overwhelmed with how Incomprehensible and Wonderful He is. What a God! What a Savior!


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