Seasons of Grace


Winter’s chill has come,
And the snow sticks on the trees,
Snowflakes for Your glory.

Then springtime arrives,
And there are blooms everywhere,
Flowers for Your glory.

When the summer comes,
You provide leaves on the trees,
Shelter for Your glory.

Then autumn begins,
With a radiant display,
Colors for Your glory.

Christ came for a season,
There was blood on the old tree,
Murdered for Your glory.

Sinners who repent,
Will never forget the Spring,
Redeemed for Your glory.

Behind the lines

I submitted this poem to an online poetry contest in 2011 and they published it (for a fee). It received an “honorable mention” from the judges, but I pray it honors Christ instead of me.

My favorite season is autumn. I love the cool breeze, the changing trees, and lower AC fees (yes, I had to force that one). Plus, there is playoff baseball and football with Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon.

What’s your favorite season?


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