Awake to life the Spirit calls,
Awaken from your grave,
Come forth and leave the filth behind,
Arise to Him today.

A new heart beats within my chest,
The old stone rolled away,
My sinful skin like His grave clothes,
No longer binds this slave.

The Word made flesh has come again,
God’s Son in mercy sent,
The Holy One of love and grace,
Whose perfect life was spent.

Rejoicing in that trumpet sound,
I see Christ and sing out,
As I approach Him in the clouds,
Without my fears and doubts.

My body changed to something new,
No tears can fill my eyes,
My clothes are fashioned by His grace,
His beauty my disguise.

For death has died and is no more,
No sorrow, hurt, or pain,
And all I see is His great light,
My Lord, my God, my King.

Behind the lines

Written in Common Meter (86.86), this hymn is for “encouraging one another” with the hope of Christ’s return and the resurrection. We don’t know the hour, but He’s coming. We don’t know a lot about our future bodies, but they will be imperishable.

Until Christ returns may we long for Him, seek to fulfill the Great Commission, and serve Him faithfully until that day. Amen!

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, 1 Corinthians 15:35-58, Matthew 24:29-31


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  1. Beautiful and encouraging words. Do you know how few hymns are being written these days? Yours may be the only ones!! Thank you for sharing.


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