This Holy God

milky-way-984050_1920Before the dark and light began,
A holy God drew master plans,
Before the waters and the earth,
There was a cross and virgin birth.

Before the moon and the first man,
The Son would come and come again,
His voice would speak and it was done,
In the beginning, three in One.

This holy God, this holy God,
Wonders exceed our deepest thought,
This holy God, this holy God,
Holy, Holy, how great Thou art.

Before the fruit formed on the tree,
There was redemptive history,
Before the fall and the great flood,
God clothed Adam by shedding blood.

Before the plagues and parted sea,
The Gift of Grace would set man free,
Before the Word in flesh came down,
He would return with trumpet sound.

You are our God, You are our God,
Holy, Holy, the Lord our God,
You are our God, You are our God.

Behind the lines

Consider the majesty, sovereignty and incomprehensibility of God. He is eternal and not constrained by time. His Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence truly exceeds our deepest thoughts.

In thinking about time, my thoughts drifted to time travel as seen in the movie series “Back to Future.”  Another movie that comes to mind is “It’s a Wonderful Life” which depicts how the world would have been if George Bailey had never been born. How do the ideas in these movies impact how you think about life?

How does the truth of God’s sovereignty impact how you live and serve Him (and others)?


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