High Priest of Glory

20150309_185237The Son in His splendor,
Radiance in grandeur,
You uphold all things by Your power.
Image of the Father,
Creator and Author,
You spoke and all things came to be.

High Priest of glory
Seated and Worthy,
Your throne, O God,
Is forever…

Anointed and Holy,
Majestic in glory,
Your term of High Priest will never end.
Founder of salvation,
All in subjection,
You reign with all things under Your feet.

Always interceding,
Perfect in pleading,
You entered once by Your precious blood.
Made lower than angels,
For sin debt to cancel,
You would taste death and rise to glory.

Let us draw near with confidence,
O Prophet, Priest and King.

Behind the lines

Consider the Lord Jesus Christ in His radiance and splendor. He has fulfilled the Old Testament positions of Prophet, Priest and King perfectly.

How precious to draw near His throne of grace and justice with confidence. Let us go there daily and keep a healthy perspective of who He is and what He has done.

How can you stay focused on Him in reverence and awe? I think of singing, journaling, praying and mediating on God’s Word.

What can you stop doing that will enable you to spend more time with Him?


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