Future Songs


We celebrate His birth,
With joyful songs of old,
Singing about the Christ who came,
To rescue sinful souls.

We remember the cross,
With moving songs of woe,
Describing the eventful day,
When sinless blood did flow.

We come Sunday morning,
To preach the Word and pray,
The very day He conquered death,
We sing about His grace.

For we have much to sing,
And many songs to learn,
Eagerly waiting for the day,
When He will soon return.

For Christ has promised us,
That He will come again,
Imagine the songs we can sing,
When the days have no end.

Yes, we have much to sing,
And future songs to write,
To explain that glorious day,
When Christ came back in might.

Behind the lines

Written in Short Meter (, this hymn brings to focus the future songs written about Christ’s return. How glorious the “Second Coming” will be!

Think of all the songs written about His birth, death and resurrection and how we celebrate, mourn and reflect on the greatest events in history.  I think there will be much to write and sing about to describe His return.

May we long for Him, and may we seek to serve God and others until that day. Have you thought about that day? Are you ready for Him to return?

Colossians 3:1-4, 16, Hebrews 9:28Revelation 22:20


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