O Death

O Death, what happened to your plans?
Where is the Boy from Bethlehem?
Could you not find the Savior King?

O Death, is He both God and man?
Did you know He would never sin?
O Death, where is your awful sting?

Death, where is your victory?
Death, what will your future be?

Did you think you won at Calvary?
Was it finished on that cursed tree?
Did you not know the prophecy?

O Death, was the stone rolled away?
Did you know He rose from your grave?
Could you not hold the Savior King?

Have you heard that He’s returning?
Do you know there’ll be no suff’ring?
O Death, where is your awful sting?

O Death, one thing left to say,
We look forward to the day,
When you will pass away.

Behind the lines

Most worship songs are written to sing to God, or about God in order that we may praise Him and encourage one another.  Written to Death, these lyrics remind us (and Death) that Christ has conquered Death and Death will die.

Those who have repented of their sins and placed their hope in Christ can celebrate in advance that Death has lost its sting. We look forward to the day Death will be no more.

Are you scared of Death? Are you ready to face a Holy God?


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