You are the Word

Forever, Lord, Your Word remains,
Your truth endures and does not change,
You are revealed page by page.

Desperately, oh, I need your grace,
Your Word shows me my sinful ways,
My heart revealed page by page.

You are the Word in flesh,
Perfect in righteousness,
You are the Holy Word.

You are the Word with pages ripped,
Your cover torn, nailed and pierced,
As blood poured from Holy Script.

My Treasure, Lord, you are my Friend,
Your Word guides me time and again,
Your path revealed page by page.

Come quickly, Lord, in victory,
Your Word brings joy and comforts me,
My Hope revealed page by page.

You revive my soul,
Yes, You are the Word,
You rejoice my heart,
Yes, You are the Word.

Behind the lines

This song combines the idea of the Word made flesh with the physical Word that we hold in our hands. How precious is the Word of God!

May the Holy Bible be our treasure. May we learn it, love it, meditate on it, and use it to spread the gospel until our Bible’s are torn and the pages are falling out.

Do you have a Bible like the ones pictured above? As we move forward in the digital age, the traditional paper Bible may disappear in favor of hand-held devices. However, we can still take notes, highlight and wear out the batteries.

One thing we do know, “the word of the Lord remains forever” no matter what form it takes or how it is stored.




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