Inspired by “Indescribable”

As a writer of songs and hymns, I enjoy reading books that not only inspire me to creativity, but also bring a deeper appreciation of the bigness and greatness of God and His Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I recently completed the Kindle edition of Indescribable: Encountering the Glory of God in the Beauty of the Universe by Louie Giglio and Matt Redman. Note: there is a hardcover and paperback edition as well. 

Their book and corresponding website are truly inspiring and as I tweeted to one friend, “This book makes a BIG God even bigger and it’s very humbling. May we sing out with the stars to declare His glory!”

While acknowledging that an Omnipresent God cannot get bigger, the study and understanding of the grand universe and the small spec of dust in which we live certainly humbles and boggles the mind, making Him seem even bigger. What amazes me is the vastness of the universe and the visible and audible beauty it has. As Psalms 19:1 states:

The heavens declare the glory of God,
and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.
(Psalm 19:1 ESV)

‘Indescribable’ provides an exclamation point to the heavens declaring God’s glory. We can also say this is the “Indescribable” glory of God since words cannot express all His Glory, Power, and Majesty.

The authors do a great job relating the distance to objects in space from earth, the smallness of earth, our solar system, and even our sun (compared to other stars). They also point out the perfection and detail required to sustain life on our planet.

One of my favorite parts of the book is the discovery of audible sounds coming from stars (pulsars) that are literally singing to God. Here’s a link to a Louie Giglio YouTube video (14 minutes, but worth it) from the 2011 Desiring God National Conference describing these stars and putting those “pulsar sounds” to music.

The magnificence of this book is neither the words of the authors (though they are good), nor the pictures (though they are breathtaking), but the Object the words and photos point to. This is none other than the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, whom the Bible tell us is the Creator and Sustainer of all things (Hebrews 1).

What is truly amazing is this Holy Creator stepped out of the highest heaven and came to a tiny earth to live a perfect life, to die a horrible death, to save sinners from the wrath we deserve, and impute His righteousness to us. How great is our God?


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