Gospel Joy


My God, my God, my hope is found,
Through Your pierced hands and feet,
Christ beyond worth, from virgin birth,
Fulfilled the mercy seat.

My God, my God, forsaken Son,
You cried in agony,
And died before, the veil was tore,
Then rose in victory.

O sing, rejoice, for gospel joy,
Salvation is His name,
The Promised Seed, from death was freed,
Forever He will reign.

Your cross, Your blood, Your streams of grace,
Have rendered my heart clean,
Child of the fall, the worst of all,
Yet I have been redeemed.

Your joy, Your love, Your righteousness,
Your gift of grace was free,
The old destroyed, new life enjoyed,
For all eternity.

O sing, rejoice, for gospel joy,
Salvation is His name,
In this rebirth, tell all the earth,
Go forth and spread His fame.

Behind the Lines

To undeserving sinners the gospel of grace brings overwhelming joy. That a Holy God would send His only Son to live the perfect life we could not live, to die the horrible death and take the wrath we duly deserve, to redeem vile sinners such as us, is wonderful news indeed.

Those justified through the blood of Christ, those called with repentant hearts, will cry out to our glorious King Jesus and praise Him in joy because of the righteousness imputed to us.

Spread the news…

Genesis 3:15, Isaiah 12, Matthew 1:21, 27:46-54, Mark 15:33-39, Romans 16:20


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