Where I Stand

person-110305_1920Because of Jesus Christ,
I have been justified,
Through His blood and sacrifice,
I am saved by His life.

Your love poured from Your veins,
You died and rose again,
And I have peace with God by grace,
I am justified by faith.

Where I stand, I stand in Your grace,
All my sins have been erased.

Where I stand, I stand in Your grace,
All my hope, love, joy, and faith,
Stands upon Your death,
Stands upon Your life,
I stand in Jesus Christ.

Because of You my Christ,
I have been reconciled,
While I was weak You died for me,
Yes, for the ungodly.

Through Your love and Your grace,
My dead heart has been raised,
Because of You Lord Jesus Christ,
I live to testify.

I stand on Holy Ground,
The Rock where grace abounds,
In You I’m found,
In You I’m found,
I stand on Holy Ground.

Behind the lines

Based on Romans 5, these lyrics resulted from my focus on the 2012 extended memory verses from the Fighter Verses plan (Romans 5-8).

Do you stand in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ? If not, where do you stand?


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