Final Plea


Holy, Everlasting Father,
Please hear this final plea,
Through the Living Mediator,
Broken I come to Thee.

Precious Savior, You know my heart,
You know about this pain,
You planned this from eternity,
Long before You were slain.

I may not see the next hour,
For You give ev’ry breath,
I do not know how much longer,
But there is certain death.

So take away this sickness, Lord,
Take away sin’s disease,
And may Your will be done once more,
This is my final plea.

Thank you for giving life to me,
Thank you for daily bread,
But most of all thank you for grace,
And the blood that You shed.

Lord, lay me down in green pastures,
Raise me up on that day,
For I will be healed forever,
Because You once were slain.

Behind the lines

We all face death unless the Lord returns, but we don’t know when either will take place. This hymn is a final plea for a broken and worn out body.  We will succumb to the disease of the fall of man. Suffering and a final breath will come to us, yet there is hope in Christ (the second Adam). Those in Christ will experience a future state of healing, restoration, and joy because of what He has done.

Until that final day and future state of complete healing may we  serve Him faithfully and cling to the promises we have in God’s Word. May we say with the Psalmist:

Let my cry come before you, O LORD;
give me understanding according to your word!

Let my plea come before you;
deliver me according to your word.
(Psalm 119:169-170 ESV)

If you have an opportunity for a final plea what will you pray?


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