Immanuel’s Gift

christmas-911251_1920Prophets foretold He would come,
Angels proclaimed His birth,
The Son would humble Himself,
And leave to dwell on earth.

His name is called Wonderful,
He is the Mighty One,
The Creator of the light,
Would live under the sun.

He is, He is, He is, Beautiful.
He is, He is, Immutable.
He is, He is, God with us.
He is Immanuel,
The Gift of Himself.

The Son came to give His Light,
For the lost in the dark,
This gift was a sacrifice,
That took our nails and marks.

David’s promised heir was born,
To conquer sin and hell,
His throne is forevermore,
He is Immanuel.

You are the Gift of God.

Behind the lines

Christ the Creator (Hebrews 1) humbled Himself and came to live on the earth He created. Dwell on this for a moment…Immanuel lived under the sun, moon and stars and breathed the very air He once made.

The Uncreated Creator (John 1) came as the Light of the World (the True Light) as the Gift of Himself. Only He could live the perfect life and take the wrath and punishment we deserve. There will never be a greater Gift.

He is the Gift beyond worth. He is the Son of God. He is the Son of Man. He is the Messiah. He is the Name above all names. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. He is Beautiful. He is Immutable. He is Glorious. He is!

Yes, He is the Lord Jesus Christ and we celebrate His birth forever.


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