You wrote on the door of my heart,
With bloodstains of the Lamb,
You freed me from captivity,
And the journey began.

You have called me out of the dark,
Repentant of my sin,
You have redeemed me in Your love,
With mercy without end.

Your mercy never ends,
Your mercy never ends.

I am bloodstained,
Bloodstained by the Lamb,
Covered in mercy,
Painted by Your hand.

You will lead me through deep waters,
And shut them back again,
You will guide me through desert sands,
To see the Promised Land.

I long for the milk and honey,
Free from the world of sin,
But most of all You will be there,
I’m eager for the Lamb.

One journey over,
A new one begins,
Forever with You,
In the Promised Land.

Behind the lines

I love the Passover story and how God displayed His power over all the Egyptian gods before freeing Israel.

It also correlates so well to those freed from sin by the blood of Christ. May we give Him praise for His grace and mercy and thank Him for leading us out of captivity.

Even though we are free, we will struggle much like the Israelites did until we reach the Promised Land. However, once we are there we won’t have to fight for the land. God is preparing a place for us.

Have your sins been removed by the bloodstains of the Lamb? Are you eager to see Him in the Promised Land?


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