The Lost Thought


I recently read some of the poetic works of Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) and found The Lost Thought and one more untitled gem with a similar theme (the Kindle version of her poems is free). I think everyone can relate to losing a thought or idea…


I felt a clearing in my mind
As if my brain had split;
I tried to match it, seam by seam,
But could not make them fit.

The thought behind I strove to join
Unto the thought before,
But sequence ravelled out of reach
Like balls upon a floor.


A thought went up my mind today
That I have had before,
But did not finish, — some way back,
I could not fix the year,

Nor where it went, nor why it came
The second time to me,
Nor definitely what it was,
Have I the art to say.

But somewhere in my soul,
I know I’ve met the thing before;
It just reminded me — ’twas all —
And came my way no more.

Those who write can especially relate to not writing down that brilliant line or catchy rhyme. We may have a similar thought later, but it’s never the same. And then, it’s gone.

So, capture your thoughts and ideas by writing them down, or recording them on your mobile device. Just don’t forget where you keep them. I tend to scribble ideas everywhere, but that’s another issue.

How many thoughts have you lost?


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  1. So True! We all have experienced this. For me it usually is in the night hours and I don’t make myself get up. I then forget what it was that I wanted to research.




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