I recently discovered the poetry of Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672), and thought I would share one of her poems that reminded me of a lament and psalm of David. From her Wikipedia page, Anne was a Puritan from Massachusetts and one of the most prominent early English poets of North America. She was also the first female writer in the British North American colonies to be published.

I like how she poignantly captures the struggle with her health and resolve to praise God in the midst of difficulty. Everyone will face sorrow, sickness, fits, and distress in this life. All of creation is groaning, but there is hope and deliverance in Christ, and the life to come. This reminds me of a Charles H. Spurgeon quote:

“Is there nothing to sing about today? Then borrow a song from tomorrow; sing of what is yet to be. Is this world dreary? Then think of the next.”

May you be comforted and encouraged to pour out your own lament before God, and may God, in His grace, turn it into praise.

Deliverance from Another Sore Fit

In my distress I sought the Lord,
When naught on earth could comfort give,
And when my soul these things abhorred,
Then, Lord, Thou said’st unto me, “Live.”

Thou knowest the sorrows that I felt;
My plaints and groans were heard of Thee,
And how in sweat I seemed to melt,
Thou help’st and Thou regardest me.

My wasted flesh Thou didst restore,
My feeble loins didst gird with strength,
Yea, when I was most low and poor,
I said I shall praise Thee at length.

What shall I render to my God,
For all His bounty showed to me?
Even for His mercies in His rod,
Where pity most of all I see.

My heart I wholly give to Thee;
O make it fruitful, faithful Lord.
My life shall dedicated be,
To praise in thought, in deed, in word.

Thou know’st no life I did require,
Longer than still Thy name to praise,
Nor ought on earth worthy desire,
In drawing out these wretched days.

Thy name and praise to celebrate,
O Lord, for aye is my request.
O grant I do it in this state,
And then with Thee, which is the best.



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