Where is the Sun?


I’ve come to a desperate valley,
Crushing darkness breaks my heart,
Praying for peace, but finding pieces.

I’m searching for the faintest light,
Longing for the sun to speak,
Thirsty for hope, but there’s no relief.

Will joy come in the morning?
Where is the sun?

I’m pleading for mercy,
But more shadows come,
Blinded by sorrows,
Has the darkness won?
Where is the sun?
Where is the sun?

Oh, to see the brightest blue sky,
I’m deep within canyon walls,
Satan’s arrows sting me with my faults.

And if I stay in this darkness,
Will I soon forget the light?
Would it be brighter to close my eyes?

Beautiful mercy,
The sun shines on me,
There’s joy in the sorrow,
And the Light makes me weep.

Behind the lines

Psalm 30 –  In the darkness, dismayed and pleading, before the morning, where sorrow remains, and days are like night.

In describing beautiful mercy and love, I can’t put it any better than William Cowper. He tells of the grace and work of the Lord in a single verse as he’s writing from God’s perspective and His clarion call to Lovest Thou Me?

I deliver’d thee when bound,
And, when wounded, heal’d thy wound;
Sought thee wand’ring, set thee right,
Turn’d thy darkness into light.

I’ll close with Cowper’s last line from the same hymn:

“Oh for grace to love Thee more.”


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