The Skipped Page


I skipped a page in my notebook
And wondered what it meant.
Was I supposed to leave it blank,
Or should I write on it?

Were the white spaces and blue lines
Reminding me to breathe?
Or, were they desperately calling,
“Please write, and do not leave?”

So with mechanical pencil,
I wrote between the lines,
As I stared at the metal rings
And holes dotting both sides.

On the left, a short hair dangled
Off the edge of the page,
And made me wonder what it meant…
Could this be about my age?

So I blew the little hair clear
As I stopped to erase,
Thinking it was faster to strike,
Than stop, and start this way.

But when I began writing fast
The lead in my pencil broke.
I had to click and start again
To finish the last stroke.

My mind wandered to the pencil;
Was it better than ink?
And should I use a yellow one
That rarely ever breaks?

The moral of the story is…
I really do not know.
Perhaps, don’t leave a blank page where
Skipping thoughts can go.


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