I am poured out like water,
And evil encircles me,
Like wax, my heart melts away,
And I don’t have any strength.
Why have you forsaken me?

My God, my God,
Hear my cry, where are you?
My God, my God,
Where can I find a Refuge?
Deliver me, My Help,
Come quickly, O LORD,
Will you come to rescue?

Despised by all the people,
They shake their heads and mock me,
Gambling, they took my garments,
And they’ve pierced my hands and feet.
Why have you forsaken me?

All my bones are out of joint,
My parched tongue longs for a drink,
A worm, I am not a man,
The grave is my destiny.
Why have you forsaken me?

Not forsaken,
You have not forsaken me.

Behind the lines

Psalm 22 is cited numerous times in the New Testament because it expresses the suffering of Christ. See also Psalm 69.


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