The Lonely Side of the Bed

Verse 1
You left a note about bookin’ a late night flight
And movin’ on with your new life
You’re gone, long gone
I keep telling myself it ain’t all that bad
You’re blowin’ off steam then you’ll be back
Again, but it’s startin’ to sink in

I’m just left here lyin’
On the lonely side of the bed
Can’t get no rest ever since you left
You’re spinnin’ round my head
I’m tossin’ and turnin’ and prayin’
You didn’t mean those things you said
But I guess there’s no denyin’ cause I’m lyin’
On the lonely side of the bed

Verse 2
No hand to hold, no kiss good night
Feels so cold over on your side
When I reach, where you used to be
Your perfume on a pillow and empty sheets
Waiting up listenin’ for your key
At that door, but you ain’t comin’ back no more


We could be making love or fast asleep
In each other’s arms like it used to be
It’s half past two and there’s someone new
Lyin’ next to you, and it’s not me


Behind the Lines

Co-written with David Ennis and John Lee back in 2015 this one developed from the song title and not actual events. The reality of broken relationships is often devastating. This song comes from the perspective that he’s been lying to himself about what has transpired and now he’s lying in bed alone trying to sort it all out while dealing with the mental phantom of where she might be. The SoundCloud audio posted above can also be accessed using this link.


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