Keep The Change


You found me working in a restaurant
Surprised I could even hold a job
You stared as I poured coffee in your cup
I said, I’ve been sober two months strong
Please forgive me for all I’ve done
I’ve been beyond messed up

I’m so sorry for the heartache
If I could, I’d change everything
Will you stop by and see me again?

You said, I’d like to believe what you say
But it’ll take more time, not weeks or days
To prove you’re outta that hell
But if I come by and you’re sober
I’ll pray the addictions over
And remind you what ya hear ev’ry day
Keep the change

I said, I drank away the good I had
Trying to chase away the bad
I can’t remember all that I’ve done
But I know now what I have to do
Clean livin with a good attitude
I won’t let a drop hit my tongue

AA meetings and borrowed cigarettes
Going back to church ev’ry chance I get
Putting in the past all those bad regrets
Cause you haven’t given up on me yet



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