Top Five Songs & Hymns of 2014


And here it is…

The last GraceSyllables Top Five List of 2014 includes the most viewed and liked Songs and Hymns.

May these syllables encourage you in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. May the Lord bless you as we strive in Too-Oh-1-Five…

  1. You Are There

  2. Habakkuk’s Song

  3. Forevermore

  4. Sin and Strength

  5. Rescued (Three Words)

Top Five Poems of 2014


Below are the top five poems I’ve posted in 2014 (both viewed & liked).

Thank you for visiting, reading, and commenting on GraceSyllables this year. I hope you’ve enjoyed the poetry, songs/hymns, and photos.  May you be encouraged in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. Thorns and Roses

  2. New Words

  3. The Porch

  4. Adventure

  5. The Sin Problem

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