The Aisle

aisle-1854098_1920She had her hair up in the latest style,
As we watched flowers fall to the floor,
He was waiting at the end of the aisle,
And soon they would open the doors.

I remember when she first learned to walk,
How she bounced as I held her hands,
And the day she learned how to ride her bike,
She wrecked, but we tried it again.

Then I saw the place of our breakfast dates,
Where we went early before school,
And her messy room with homework hug-breaks,
When tears and emotions were cruel.

I thought about drives home on ballet nights,
Her bare feet propped up on the dash,
Toe prints on windows, but I didn’t mind,
It was life on a flowered path.

She had her hair up in the latest style,
And he was waiting…
At the end of the aisle.

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