Bell’s Store

Bell's Store

Candy and dope,
Yes, that means Coke,
Tools and feed,
Tobacco and seed,
Crackers and snacks,
And fill her up with gas.

Coolers and scales,
Rows of old shelves,
Vegetables and cans,
For dinner plans,
Fruit and cheese,
Anything you need.

A shirt and tie,
Slept in all night,
Scribbled math, short notes,
Everywhere, in his coat,
Cash or credit,
He’d let you have it.

A Bailey or Doc,
Might make a stop,
A Greene or Beavers,
And maybe a Weaver,
A man and his store,
Would serve them once more.

Behind the lines

My grandfather’s store (circa 1935) will be torn down in July (2014) to make way for a new convenience store.

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