Poetry, Poetry


Poetry, poetry,
Meter, prose, and rhyme,
Metaphors and free verse,
Different grapes yet wine.

Poetry, poetry,
Passion’s aching kiss,
Lips melt like chocolate,
In sugary bliss.

Poetry, poetry,
Grieving engineers,
Create caskets from words,
Fill tissues with tears.

Poetry, poetry,
Not seen but observed,
Each syllable crafted,
With truth and absurd.

Poetry, poetry,
Chess match played in song,
Life captured verse by verse,
Checked by the poet’s pawn.

Behind the Lines

Poetry is found throughout the Bible. From the first recorded poem in Genesis (when Adam first lays eyes on Eve (Genesis 2:23) which is his only recorded statement before the fall), to the Song of Moses, to the Psalms, and the Song of Solomon.

Hebrew poetry often features the repetition of ideas using different words to express the same meaning (parallelism).  Poetry is  sometimes difficult to interpret with strange metaphors and figures of speech. There are laments and praise, stories in song, rhyme and meter, acrostic, and alliteration.

Poetry gives a medium for us to express our deepest emotions including love, grief and death. Poetry helps us see life from a different perspective, it helps us remember and memorize certain passages and events, and gives form to our lyrics and songs.

Have you written a poem without it being a school assignment? What was the driver (nature, love, grace, grief, etc.)? Who did you share it with?

Feel free to share your poem (or link to it or your blog) in the comments.

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