We Ain’t Workin Anymore


Verse 1
3am – taking a drive – no other headlights on the road
Just you and yellow highway lines steering my thoughts every mile I go
Even though the radio’s blastin’ all I hear are your words rattlin’ my soul
“We ain’t workin anymore”

What ever happened to “we can work through anything” 
What happened to “you’re the best thing that ever happened to me”
How could it be over after we worked so well together
I thought I had the best girl in the world, until…
“We ain’t workin anymore”

Verse 2
I passed your mama’s house and the roof I helped fix over the den
I remember our first date when your daddy said “bring her home by ten”
And there’s the restaurant where we ate, but that was back when it all began
“We ain’t workin anymore”

How many tanks of gas will it take before I figure it all out
I’m gonna need the tires rotated and an oil change without a doubt
And if I was paid by the mile I just might could retire
But, baby, I ain’t gonna quit and I can’t be fired  


Musty Yearbook Memories of You

school-417612_1920 (2)

Verse 1
I found my old yearbook back when we dated in school

And I opened it up and read an autographed section from you
It was a long winding letter about how much you were in love
But it wasn’t but a few months later that we finally broke up

Yeah, the flashbacks are fadin like the pages from those old scenes

Along with black and white photos of friends wearing acid washed jeans
And the words you wrote around the ad on page 122
Are like forgotten combination lockers lining those long empty halls
They don’t mean anything now at all, it’s just words on dusty pages
And musty yearbook memories of you

Verse 2
I found several funny pictures of friends with their big hairspray hair

And I had forgotten the fashion until I saw what we all used to wear
Everything seems weird now so I stuck the book back in a storage bin
And maybe in another ten years I’ll pull it back out and look at it again

Should I keep this old yearbook or just throw it away

Half the names and all the phone numbers aren’t good now anyway
There’s a lot written in there that’s better left packed up in the past
And after it’s gone, no one will ever ask

Keep The Change


You found me working in a restaurant
Surprised I could even hold a job
You stared as I poured coffee in your cup
I said, I’ve been sober two months strong
Please forgive me for all I’ve done
I’ve been beyond messed up

I’m so sorry for the heartache
If I could, I’d change everything
Will you stop by and see me again?

You said, I’d like to believe what you say
But it’ll take more time, not weeks or days
To prove you’re outta that hell
But if I come by and you’re sober
I’ll pray the addictions over
And remind you what ya hear ev’ry day
Keep the change

I said, I drank away the good I had
Trying to chase away the bad
I can’t remember all that I’ve done
But I know now what I have to do
Clean livin with a good attitude
I won’t let a drop hit my tongue

AA meetings and borrowed cigarettes
Going back to church ev’ry chance I get
Putting in the past all those bad regrets
Cause you haven’t given up on me yet


Radio Silence


Verse 1
You never bothered to call to say good-bye
Or even sent a message to my phone
I can’t think of anything I did to make you cry
The only clue is I’m all alone

Our songs don’t come on anymore
No radio playin’ on the porch
Or holdin’ you while dancin’ to our favorite songs all night
Baby without you here it’s been way too quiet
Radio silence

Verse 2
I wanna hear ya callin’ through that old screen door
“Baby I miss you come on out”
But I don’t hear your heels on the hardwood floor
And the quiet is way too loud


I’m not looking for a good-bye, you don’t have to apologize
I just wanna hear you say, that you’re okay, and baby please just tell me why

Chorus 2
Our songs don’t come on anymore
No radio playin’ on the porch
Or holdin’ you while dancin’ to our favorite songs all night
Don’t ya wanna hear ‘em playin’ just once more
That radio blastin’ on the porch
I’ll be holding you while dancin’ to our favorite songs all night
Baby without you here it’s been way too quiet
Baby I need you here cuz it’s been way too quiet
Radio silence

Behind the lines

Co-written with David Ennis and John Lee the lyric has the double meaning of getting the silent treatment while not being able to listen to the radio.

The Lonely Side of the Bed

Verse 1
You left a note about bookin’ a late night flight
And movin’ on with your new life
You’re gone, long gone
I keep telling myself it ain’t all that bad
You’re blowin’ off steam then you’ll be back
Again, but it’s startin’ to sink in

I’m just left here lyin’
On the lonely side of the bed
Can’t get no rest ever since you left
You’re spinnin’ round my head
I’m tossin’ and turnin’ and prayin’
You didn’t mean those things you said
But I guess there’s no denyin’ cause I’m lyin’
On the lonely side of the bed

Verse 2
No hand to hold, no kiss good night
Feels so cold over on your side
When I reach, where you used to be
Your perfume on a pillow and empty sheets
Waiting up listenin’ for your key
At that door, but you ain’t comin’ back no more


We could be making love or fast asleep
In each other’s arms like it used to be
It’s half past two and there’s someone new
Lyin’ next to you, and it’s not me


Behind the Lines

Co-written with David Ennis and John Lee back in 2015 this one developed from the song title and not actual events. The reality of broken relationships is often devastating. This song comes from the perspective that he’s been lying to himself about what has transpired and now he’s lying in bed alone trying to sort it all out while dealing with the mental phantom of where she might be. The SoundCloud audio posted above can also be accessed using this link.

Just Off Hwy 9

There’s an old two lane state road, runnin’ right past my home
And it takes me somewhere new every day
I’ll follow it back home tonight, and as I look to the left and right
There’s a mem’ry every mile along the way

There’s the bus stop for the junior high, where I got into my first fight
And sick from a drag off a Marlboro Red
If you go a little further down, on the left is an old warehouse
Where I learned you have to work hard for what you get

It’s a highway that’s paved, with the stories of my life
It winds down from the mountains, to the city skyline
Every time that I drive, down this hometown road of mine
I remember everything I love, is just off Hwy 9

Over there’s where the car broke down, the alternator just gave out
While taking her home on our first date
And the corner that I turned too hard, to throw the cans off of the car
As we sped off from the church on our wedding day


There’s the black iron fence, of the cemetery entrance
Where we slowly drove behind my Mama’s hearse
There’s the red light that I ran, in a borrowed mini-van
Tryin’ to get there to see my second daughter’s birth
Yeah, there’s always something new at every turn


There’s an old two lane state road, runnin’ right past my home
And it takes me somewhere new every day

Behind the Lines

Co-written with David Ennis and John Lee. Just Off Hwy 9 is about a hometown highway and the road of life. Do you have a Hwy 9 that brings to mind memories as you drive?

My hometown highway is Hwy 20, but I enjoyed collaborating on this one.


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