When Daddy’s Hands Were Bigger


Staring at an old framed photograph hanging on my parent’s wall,
It stopped me in my tracks as I was walking down their hall,
I just stood there, going back in time, letting it all soak in,
As memories, like a slide show, reminded me of life back then.

Hauling hay, smelling the sweet grass, riding high on a half-ton Chevy truck,
Splitting wood until blisters formed, then stacking all of it up,
Raking leaves around the roots of the giant white oak late in the fall,
Shooting hoops in the driveway and chasing down the ball.

Riding my bike on Harmony Drive, peddling that black Huffy for hours,
Building a fort in the woods under fallen pine trees near the pasture,
Removing debris damming the little backyard creek to help it flow,
Growing up outside, a young man, always on the go.

The flashbacks began to fade as I slowly came back to the present,
But the last thought I had held me there for several more seconds…
Back then it was a different world of busy, and life was so much simpler,
When Daddy’s hands were bigger.

Danger’s Smile

Boys in a Tree

A blue sky and fall leaves,
Meet two boys in a tree,
As Danger starts to smile.

The boys hear water spill,
Down walls of an old mill,
And Danger’s smile grows wide.

With new shoes and wet socks,
The boys climb up the rocks,
While Danger lurks nearby.

Heavy stones and big sticks,
Are thrown into the mix,
The water’s anger grows.

The two boys are now lost,
Yet they begin to toss,
Anything they can find.

They watch leaves flow downstream,
The great raft of their dreams,
Whitewater starts to churn.

They run down an old path,
To find their smiling Dad,
Watching as Danger’s smile.

Behind the lines

Deviating from my normal posts, I wrote this after a recent adventure with my two boys. As I watched them get lost in their surroundings of water, rocks, sticks, and wet socks I thought of my younger, dangerous days and smiled.

The surroundings and enjoyment of Creation also brought my thoughts back to God (El Ro’i – the God who sees). What does He see that makes Him smile?

Boys, Water & Rocks

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