Who can tell of all your deeds
Who can declare all your praise
Who can know all that you know
Who can love like you, O Lord

Your ways are higher than our ways
Holy, full of grace
Your wrath and mercy coexist
Perfect love in justice
You came to die so we might live
Paid it all, gave yourself
We praise your name, Most High
You are Higher

You comfort us in our distress
You never break your promises
You are more than we can receive
We’ll learn from you eternally

It’s undeniable
Your thoughts are beyond us all
Your greatness cheers our soul

Behind the lines

Who can utter the mighty deeds of the LORDor declare all his praise?
Psalm 106:2

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.
Isaiah 55:9

Send Your Praises Down


Verse 1
Highly Exalted, oh, hallelujah!

Your Word gives visions that make us undone
With rainbows and lightning around your throne
Where heavenly hosts give praise to you alone

Send your praises down

Move in mercy now
Send your Holy Thunder
Healing, grace, and wonder
Let knees fall to the ground
Send your praises down

Verse 2
Come from heaven, O Ancient of Days
Deliver us from the idols that we raise
Brush your blood on the door of our hearts
Enter in, take our sin, and never depart

With cherubim and seraphim
Living creatures and angels all around
We’re joining them by falling down:
Saying, “Worthy is the Lamb!”


No One Greater


Great are You, LORD
And greatly to be praised
You sit above the heavens
And You search all my ways

You tell my soul
You are my salvation
You reveal Your sacrifice
And how You crush satan

For there is no one greater
All-Powerful Creator
My Defender, Sustainer
There is no One like You
For You are my Savior
Your strength never waivers
And there is no one greater
No one greater than You

My enemies
They come to hurt and to blame
But You defend my soul
And You put them to shame

You’re my delight
My joy evermore
And my tongue can’t help but sing
Great are You, LORD!

Behind the lines

Psalm 35 with a few lines from Psalm 48.

Into His Hands


When distress weighs heavy like darkness
When sorrow’s grip squeezes too tight
When our eyes waste away in sadness
When there’s terror on every side

Be strong, O saints, and take courage
Be strong and wait for the LORD

For He’s our Rock and our Refuge
Forever Faithful to defend
He’s our Shelter to which we say, Amen!
His Fortress can’t be measured
Proven to hold time and time again
Commit your spirit into His hands

When our tongues struggle to be bridled
When our eyes are tempted to sin
When our hearts beg to worship idols
When we war with the flesh within

And as the sun’s light slipped away
Jesus, would say:
Father, into Your hands I commit my Spirit

Behind the lines

Psalm 31

Turn My Eyes

Lord, turn my eyes from worthless things,
Give me life in Your ways,
Confirm Your faithful promises,
Keep me from fruitless days.

Oh, strengthen me if I am weak,
Or lost in sin’s blindness,
Come shine Your rays of healing grace,
Turn my eyes from darkness.

Yes, Your Word brings discerning light,
To hate the world’s false ways,
Take selfishness far from me, Lord,
Incline my heart to praise!

Lord, when temptations come my way,
And try to block my view,
Guide me toward the planned escape,
Turn my eyes back to You.

Lord, turn my eyes from worthless things,
To clearly see Your face,
For who can speak of all Your works,
Or declare all Your praise?

Behind the lines

With so many distractions calling for our eyes attention, it’s easy to get caught up in worthless things.  May our eyes ever be on the One who made all things, the One who died for our sins, and the One who is coming again.

May we be so in awe of Him that we cannot look away. May His beauty, His splendor and His majesty be our desire. May we long for The Groom as His pure Bride.  May we seek to honor Him in all things that we see and do. May we be good stewards of our eyes. May we be consumed with His Word, His Gospel, and His glory.  Lord, give us eyes to see.

What easily distracts you?

Psalm 119:37, Psalm 119, 106:2, 1 Corinthians 10:13

Unknown Numbers

Squinty Eyes

Squinty eyes taste seasoned air,
A perfect shell hides again,
As castle walls turn to sand.

The breeze blows each strand of hair,
A star drops behind the veil,
Great lights rest on the unknown.

Green needles breathe mountain air,
Shivering before the night,
As flurries dart in the sky.

The breeze blows each strand of hair,
A star drops behind the veil,
Blankets rest on the unknown.

Precious thoughts from holy air,
Ride the vastness of the deep,
As I awake from my sleep.

The breeze blows each strand of hair,
A star rises from the veil,
New rays rest on the unknown.

Behind the lines

This poem celebrates the Omniscient Creator. God alone can name the stars and number them. God alone knows how many fish are in the ocean. God alone numbers the grains of sand by the sea. God alone numbers the unique snowflakes and all the needles on evergreens. God alone can count the hairs on every head.  God alone knows all about what we consider the unknown. He is God and there is no other.

Now consider this Psalm:

How precious to me are your thoughts, O God!
How vast is the sum of them!
If I would count them, they are more than the sand.
I awake, and I am still with you.
(Psalm 139:17-18 ESV)

Yellowstone Snowy Mtns Forest

Other verses: Psalms 8:3-4, 139:17-18, 147:4-5, Jeremiah 33:22, Amos 5:8, Matthew 10:30, Ephesians 1:19, 3:14-21

You are the Word

Forever, Lord, Your Word remains,
Your truth endures and does not change,
You are revealed page by page.

Desperately, oh, I need your grace,
Your Word shows me my sinful ways,
My heart revealed page by page.

You are the Word in flesh,
Perfect in righteousness,
You are the Holy Word.

You are the Word with pages ripped,
Your cover torn, nailed and pierced,
As blood poured from Holy Script.

My Treasure, Lord, you are my Friend,
Your Word guides me time and again,
Your path revealed page by page.

Come quickly, Lord, in victory,
Your Word brings joy and comforts me,
My Hope revealed page by page.

You revive my soul,
Yes, You are the Word,
You rejoice my heart,
Yes, You are the Word.

Behind the lines

This song combines the idea of the Word made flesh with the physical Word that we hold in our hands. How precious is the Word of God!

May the Holy Bible be our treasure. May we learn it, love it, meditate on it, and use it to spread the gospel until our Bible’s are torn and the pages are falling out.

Do you have a Bible like the ones pictured above? As we move forward in the digital age, the traditional paper Bible may disappear in favor of hand-held devices. However, we can still take notes, highlight and wear out the batteries.

One thing we do know, “the word of the Lord remains forever” no matter what form it takes or how it is stored.



O Death

O Death, what happened to your plans?
Where is the Boy from Bethlehem?
Could you not find the Savior King?

O Death, is He both God and man?
Did you know He would never sin?
O Death, where is your awful sting?

Death, where is your victory?
Death, what will your future be?

Did you think you won at Calvary?
Was it finished on that cursed tree?
Did you not know the prophecy?

O Death, was the stone rolled away?
Did you know He rose from your grave?
Could you not hold the Savior King?

Have you heard that He’s returning?
Do you know there’ll be no suff’ring?
O Death, where is your awful sting?

O Death, one thing left to say,
We look forward to the day,
When you will pass away.

Behind the lines

Most worship songs are written to sing to God, or about God in order that we may praise Him and encourage one another.  Written to Death, these lyrics remind us (and Death) that Christ has conquered Death and Death will die.

Those who have repented of their sins and placed their hope in Christ can celebrate in advance that Death has lost its sting. We look forward to the day Death will be no more.

Are you scared of Death? Are you ready to face a Holy God?

High Priest of Glory

20150309_185237The Son in His splendor,
Radiance in grandeur,
You uphold all things by Your power.
Image of the Father,
Creator and Author,
You spoke and all things came to be.

High Priest of glory
Seated and Worthy,
Your throne, O God,
Is forever…

Anointed and Holy,
Majestic in glory,
Your term of High Priest will never end.
Founder of salvation,
All in subjection,
You reign with all things under Your feet.

Always interceding,
Perfect in pleading,
You entered once by Your precious blood.
Made lower than angels,
For sin debt to cancel,
You would taste death and rise to glory.

Let us draw near with confidence,
O Prophet, Priest and King.

Behind the lines

Consider the Lord Jesus Christ in His radiance and splendor. He has fulfilled the Old Testament positions of Prophet, Priest and King perfectly.

How precious to draw near His throne of grace and justice with confidence. Let us go there daily and keep a healthy perspective of who He is and what He has done.

How can you stay focused on Him in reverence and awe? I think of singing, journaling, praying and mediating on God’s Word.

What can you stop doing that will enable you to spend more time with Him?

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