It is hard to be a sound Spelling Bee,
To me two too many twos equal three,
They’re those in despair with their use of there,
Some can’t bear to pare a pair of pears bare.

Using the correct knot is not for naught,
Write right, but don’t riot, fight, or be distraught,
Hold reins on your rain if your spelling reigns,
And don’t complain that English is a pain.

Behind the lines

I recently volunteered as the mystery reader for my son’s 3rd grade class and read a Dr. Seuss book. If you haven’t read one these tongue twisting works out loud to a class of students you should try it sometime.

My experience inspired this little poem of tongue knotting. This is for all students of the English language who write, teach, and try to communicate with others using the written word.

Yep, we have communicative conflicts complicated by Homonyms, Homophones, Homographs, Heteronyms, Polysemes, and Capitonyms.

I hope you understand these because I think you’ll agree not to ask me. You see I made a “C” in the study of this deep-sea.

Now go forth and use your own words of creativity…


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