Sin and Strength

andreas-achenbach-85762_1280I must confess my sinfulness,
I’ve been conflicted and confused,
Lord, I have sinned, I’ve sinned again,
I have grieved You.

So my heart cries, it cries,
My heart cries…

Only You can walk on water,
Lord, I just sink,
Only You can overcome,
I don’t have the strength,
I’ve tried to do this on my own,
The harder I try, I fall,
Lord, I just sink,
Without Your strength,
Without Your strength.

Your Law and Light expose my crime,
My heart cheats, and I breathe out sighs,
I’ve lost the way a thousandth time,
Yet, You still died!

You bring sorrow and eyes to see,
You tell me, “There’s no sin to find.”
And You supply the grace I need,
You are so kind!

I need Your strength,
Your grace, Your peace,
I confess I am weak,
I need Your strength.
I need Your strength.

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