Another Day Strong


Some days are harder than others
Without your curves under the covers
Waking up knowing I’ll never hold another…like you
But then there’s days when I think everything’s gonna be alright
And nights when my heart tells me I’m gonna survive
Without you snuggling by my side

Another day gone, another day strong
I’ve gotta long way to go, down this lonely road
I don’t feel like I’m getting far, when I’m missing you so hard
But I’m praying one day at a time, since you’ve been gone
I’m another day strong

Some days I’m haunted by your face
Driving by spots where we used to date
Sometimes you appear in crazy ways…out of the blue
Like hearing that song you always sang the wrong words to
When a caller on the radio sounded just like you
Catching the scent of your perfume

I’m moving on, never the same
Changed by love, changed by pain
But your memory will never fade

Another day gone, another day strong
I’m another day strong

Love Remained


All was beauty, all was song,
All was evil, all was wrong,
Destroyed, drowned, every town,
Love remained.

Altogether, all one tongue,
All confused, all tools hung,
Silenced, cursed, dispersed,
Love remained

All enslaved, all plagues come,
All rescued, Almighty won,
Complained, fed, cloud led,
Love remained.

All God’s people, all twelve tribes,
Altar of bronze, all the scribes,
Religion, pride, great divide,
Love remained.

Almighty comes, all angels sing,
Alleluia, all praise the King,
Despised, tried, denied,
Love remained.

All in sorrow, all the shame
All completed, all the pain,
Forsaken, crowned, renowned,
Love remained.

All astonished, all relieved,
All death conquered, all believe,
Risen, Lord, adored,
Love remained.

All have heard it, all made known,
All have seen Him, all below,
Returned, King, anthems ring,
Love remained.

All is beauty, all is song,
No more evil, no more wrong,
Renewed, changed, unstained,
Love remained.



Timeless, her hand in mine,
Alone, I felt her smile,
As we walked lovingly.

A mysterious gleam,
Stirred, deep within her eyes,
As we talked lovingly.

Lost in her spoken words,
Her lips, caught my gaze,
As I stared lovingly.

We sat facing, holding hands,
“Do you know?” I asked,
She nodded lovingly.

We knew, and we longed for,
A lifetime, endless moments,
To be together, lovingly.

Behind the lines

The day we knew. Somewhere in time with my dearest Amy. Happy Valentine’s Day.

The Dress

couple-307927_1280It’s been almost eight months,
Of daily care since they last talked,
When he pointed out her dress,
How beautiful she looked.

And his love carries her,
Every time she wears the dress,
To that day she held back her tears,
As they talked and touched hands.

The dress matched her eyes,
He gave it to her for Valentines,
Though he guessed on the size,
She was able to fix the dress,
But not his mind.

Each morning since his words,
She has worn the same blue dress,
Would this wake his memory,
To the love she can’t forget?

Sometimes he doesn’t know her,
But she still looks her best,
Sometimes he doesn’t know her,
But he still likes the dress.

Behind the lines

I, ____, take you, ____, to be my lawfully wedded(husband/wife), to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.

Your Story

milky-way-1023340_1920The Sovereign from the beginning,
You had no start, have no ending,
Your story goes on and on.

Once upon a time You made man,
Man would fall deep, deep into sin,
But there was a redemptive plan.

This is the gift of God, we cry holy,
This is the gift of God, what a story!

A story of death and living,
Story of grace, new beginnings,
The Savior of the world,
The Savior of the world,
This is Your story.

You came to die upon the cross,
Endured the wrath, paid for the lost,
You came to redeem sinful man.

“It is finished” was Your plea,
Then You would rise, You broke free,
Your story goes on and on.

Story of grace, story of love,
You came to shed Your precious blood,
Story of grace, story of love,
You came to shed Your precious blood.

Behind the lines

I mentioned in my last post (Blank Canvas) that I was grateful for what God has revealed about Himself in His Word. It’s His eternal story for His infinite glory!

What an amazing God!

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