Streams of Imagination


The darkened clouds build and rise quickly and quietly, the rain gathers and gently drops, the waters combine, gather more and more speed and flow toward their destination.

Childhood streams of imagination become adolescent rivers flooded by adult responsibilities and rush on to repositories of wisdom.

A great lake begun by glacial dreams, created by life experiences, unique storms, and glorious memories reveals vivid colors of bluish green, brownish gray, or golden hues depending on the time of day.

Deep and beautiful to behold, birds soar and sing above it, puffy clouds form objects in the sky, and fish leap toward them and splash back down – rippling the water.

All along the shore gnarled weathered trees with strong needles and leaves watch with folded arms as they stand on their deep roots.

The water reflects the past while revealing the future as children laugh and play with rocks, sticks and sand among the sprawling roots and sloping banks – their voices excited and full of wonder.

The sun begins to set, yet lingers long in amusement at the converging streams of imagination, then stops, smiles and winks.


Several Sayings


Imagination unwelcomed finds another place to play.

Dark cries in the light and light cries in the dark.

Never be too proud to pick up a penny or too stingy to give one away.

When gray hair grows, eyesight goes.

When joy-filled tears surpass all other tears, smiles remain.

The stress of the press is the real freedom test.

Lines are formed where everyone wants to go or where no one wants to go.

If it’s folly, wait for the season to change.

You can count on it; someone wants to meet three before five.

If a saying is never read then it’s saying what shouldn’t be said.

Behind the lines

Random thoughts written down. Several were written while waiting for a weather delayed plane to arrive at an airport.


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