You Are There


Beyond our minds, outside of time,
In worlds unknown, upon a throne,
You reign Supreme, eternally,
And You are there, You are there.

Where can we go from Your presence?
Where can we go where You’re not there?

For we can’t see, what You can see,
We don’t know what our future holds,
But Lord You know, You’re in control,
You’re already there.

Creator of, all things above,
Complexities of galaxies,
You have fashioned ev’ry atom,
And You are there, You are there.

When burdened souls, can take no more,
On desp’rate peaks, through valleys deep,
You know our cares, You hear our prayers,
And You are there, You are there.

God of Wonder,
You are Other,
Too Wonderful for me.

Behind the lines

Psalm 139

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