Cries, Lies, & Dimes


Christian have you tried to sing,
In the service and just cried?
Have you ever lost a loved one,
Where sad days stayed up all night?

Yes, there’s a Savior who knows,
What you’re going through.

He has a Mighty Name,
His love doesn’t change,
And He’s interceding for you,
He’s the Man of Sorrows,
He’s the Prince of Peace,
And His blood washes over you.

Have you ever been lusting,
And got caught while gazing online?
Have you ever hung your head,
Long after you told a lie?

Children were you caught cheating,
Trying to make an A this time?
And have you ever taken,
Your dad’s quarters and dimes?

Hope, wait, and see,
Repent and believe,
He’s coming back for you.

Turn My Eyes

Lord, turn my eyes from worthless things,
Give me life in Your ways,
Confirm Your faithful promises,
Keep me from fruitless days.

Oh, strengthen me if I am weak,
Or lost in sin’s blindness,
Come shine Your rays of healing grace,
Turn my eyes from darkness.

Yes, Your Word brings discerning light,
To hate the world’s false ways,
Take selfishness far from me, Lord,
Incline my heart to praise!

Lord, when temptations come my way,
And try to block my view,
Guide me toward the planned escape,
Turn my eyes back to You.

Lord, turn my eyes from worthless things,
To clearly see Your face,
For who can speak of all Your works,
Or declare all Your praise?

Behind the lines

With so many distractions calling for our eyes attention, it’s easy to get caught up in worthless things.  May our eyes ever be on the One who made all things, the One who died for our sins, and the One who is coming again.

May we be so in awe of Him that we cannot look away. May His beauty, His splendor and His majesty be our desire. May we long for The Groom as His pure Bride.  May we seek to honor Him in all things that we see and do. May we be good stewards of our eyes. May we be consumed with His Word, His Gospel, and His glory.  Lord, give us eyes to see.

What easily distracts you?

Psalm 119:37, Psalm 119, 106:2, 1 Corinthians 10:13

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