Rescued (Three Words)


Sin and death and enemies,
Three words who’ve long hated me,
Jesus, You have conquered these,
You have conquered all of these,
To rescue me?

Rescued, redeemed, and saved,
Three words to sing now,
And shout beyond the grave.

You are my strength,
Through ev’ry need,
Jesus, You have set me free,
You are the Strength,
Who rescued me,
You rescued me.

My Refuge, Fortress, and Rock,
Three words for the Son of God,
Jesus, You were cursed and mocked,
While You hid me in Your arms,
To rescue me?

Faith and hope and love abide,
Three words live because You died,
Jesus, how could You delight,
How could you delight and die,
To rescue me?

Behind the lines

Psalm 18

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