Several Sayings


Imagination unwelcomed finds another place to play.

Dark cries in the light and light cries in the dark.

Never be too proud to pick up a penny or too stingy to give one away.

When gray hair grows, eyesight goes.

When joy-filled tears surpass all other tears, smiles remain.

The stress of the press is the real freedom test.

Lines are formed where everyone wants to go or where no one wants to go.

If it’s folly, wait for the season to change.

You can count on it; someone wants to meet three before five.

If a saying is never read then it’s saying what shouldn’t be said.

Behind the lines

Random thoughts written down. Several were written while waiting for a weather delayed plane to arrive at an airport.


Sometimes I Write


Sometimes I write on what I like,
Sometimes I write for those I love,
But when I write to be with Christ,
It accomplishes the above and more.

Behind the lines

My heart overflows with a pleasing theme;
I address my verses to the king;
my tongue is like the pen of a ready scribe (Psalm 45:1 ESV).

In Between


Reading makes me write,
Writing won’t let me read,
But when I’m stuck in between,
Nothing is achieved.

Dying will not live,
Living will never die,
But while I’m here in between,
One must say goodbye.

Sleeping knows no time,
Timing can never sleep,
But when I fall in between,
An alarm I must keep.

Working longs for rest,
Resting resists work,
But when I go in between,
The back and forth sure hurts.

Adding more makes sense,
Sensing no more to add,
But if you’re caught in between,
You may, like me, be mad.

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