How many poets will be stirred by the works of their Creator? Below is John Newton’s (1725 – 1807) hymn for Spring.

Pleasing spring again is here!
Trees and fields in bloom appear;
Hark! the birds, with artless lays,
Warble their Creator’s praise!
Where, in winter, all was snow,
Now the flow’rs in clusters grow;
And the corn, in green array,
Promises a harvest–day.

What a change has taken place!
Emblem of the spring of grace;
How the soul, in winter,  mourns
Till the LORD, the Sun, returns;
Till the Spirit’s gentle rain,
Bids the heart revive again;
Then the stone is turned to flesh,
And each grace springs forth afresh.

LORD, afford a spring to me!
Let me feel like what I see;
Ah! my winter has been long,
Chilled my hopes, and stopped my song!
Winter threatened to destroy
Faith, and love, and every joy;
If thy life was in the root,
Still I could not yield thee fruit.

Speak, and by thy gracious voice
Make my drooping soul rejoice;
O beloved Savior, haste,
Tell me all the storms are past:
Pleasing spring again is here!
On thy garden deign to smile,
Raise the plants, enrich the soil;
Soon thy presence will restore
Life, to what seemed dead before.

LORD, I long to be at home,
Where these changes never come!
Where the saints no winter fear,
Where ’tis spring throughout the year:
How unlike this state below!
There the flow’rs unwith’ring blow,
There no chilling blasts annoy,
All is love, and bloom, and joy.


pocket-watch-3156771_1920The moon waxes and wanes again,
The tide comes in and then descends,
There is a time for everything.

The mountains rise and sleep again,
The sun will climb and then descend,
There is a time for everything.

Time, time, there is a time,
Time, time, there is a time,
A time to cry and grieve through pain,
A time to laugh and joy to sing,
There is a time…
Time for everything.

Children will grow and move away,
We must account for all our days,
There is a time for everything.

At the right time, Christ would descend,
On the cross He took on our sin,
Then He rose, yes, He rose again…

There is a time He’ll come again,
The Risen Lord will soon descend,
There is a time when time will end.

Behind the lines

Another year has come (2013) and we do not know what it will bring. We don’t even know what tomorrow will bring, but the Sovereign certainly does. He is outside of time, He created time and will be there when time ends (as we know and understand it).

Time is such a precious thing, yet we are often stressed by it. Going everywhere  in a rush is the norm in our culture today. We’re in such a rush that “as we are going” we have very little time to serve and minister to others.

Take some time to enjoy the moon, stars, mountains and sunshine. Spend quality time with your children, parents, and family. Make time for God’s Word and prayer and consider the spiritual and physical needs of others. Consider He’s coming back. Will He find us so doing?

As you go, minister to others and share the love of Christ.

It’s His time. Be a good steward of it. Redeem the time…

[11] He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end. [12] I perceived that there is nothing better for them than to be joyful and to do good as long as they live; [13] also that everyone should eat and drink and take pleasure in all his toil—this is God’s gift to man (Ecclesiastes 3:11-13 ESV).

Seasons of Grace


Winter’s chill has come,
And the snow sticks on the trees,
Snowflakes for Your glory.

Then springtime arrives,
And there are blooms everywhere,
Flowers for Your glory.

When the summer comes,
You provide leaves on the trees,
Shelter for Your glory.

Then autumn begins,
With a radiant display,
Colors for Your glory.

Christ came for a season,
There was blood on the old tree,
Murdered for Your glory.

Sinners who repent,
Will never forget the Spring,
Redeemed for Your glory.

Behind the lines

I submitted this poem to an online poetry contest in 2011 and they published it (for a fee). It received an “honorable mention” from the judges, but I pray it honors Christ instead of me.

My favorite season is autumn. I love the cool breeze, the changing trees, and lower AC fees (yes, I had to force that one). Plus, there is playoff baseball and football with Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon.

What’s your favorite season?

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