Top Five Songs & Hymns of 2015


Welcome to the second Top Five List of 2015 which includes the most viewed and liked Songs and Hymns posted on GraceSyllables.

  1. Sing a Soothing Song Over Me

  2. Be Still

  3. Lifter of My Soul

  4. Christ Exalted

  5. Where is the Sun?

I hope these lyrics will encourage you in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

You are the King, Jesus


We will not forget you, O God,
We will not forget what you’ve done,
You made, sustain, and own everything,
Freed us from sin; opened the grave,
You are the King, Jesus,
You are the King, Jesus,
The King of Glory.

All heaven and earth are yours, Lord,
All people and all that was made,
You have measured every mountain,
You know how much each river weighs.
You are the King, Jesus.

Who shall ascend to your Holy Place?
Who has clean hands and a pure heart?
Who never lies? Who’s self-justified?
Who can stand before you in court?
You are the King, Jesus.

Our God is strong, you’re the Almighty,
Risen, and returning one day,
The Crucified, who’s now glorified,
A Warrior, full of love and grace,
You are the King, Jesus.

Behind the lines

Psalm 24

The King of Glory

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