Spring Rain


A spring rain is falling,
The sky is a strange hue,
There’s flashes of lightning,
And thunder echoes through,
As I sit in my living room.

I look out the window,
Find trees with virgin leaves,
I hear the rain’s rhythm,
Bouncing off different things,
As I sit in my living room.

The TV is not on,
But the forecast is right,
The weather is perfect,
On this glorious night,
As I sit in my living room.


prayer-1269776_1920One knee beside the other,
But few words can be uttered,
I hear giant rolls of thunder,
Instead of my tears.

Rising to the window now,
I see the lights glow from town,
As the rain starts pouring down,
In sympathy tears.

Each streak of lightning reveals,
Scary trees and thunder peals,
I know how the windows feel,
Exposed in their fears.

With faces covered in rain,
I empathize with their pain,
And attempt to pray again,
But it spills out tears.

One knee beside the other,
But few words can be uttered,
I hear giant rolls of thunder,
Instead of my tears.

Behind the lines

Sometimes we need to grieve, or weep with those who weep (Romans 12:15). However, we do not grieve as if there is no hope. Our hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18).

God the Thunderer

Isaac Watts (1674-1748) wrote this hymn during a strong thunderstorm. The storm reminded him of the power of God and His coming judgment.

He titled it “God the thunderer; or, The last judgment and hell” and then added the following note:

[Made in a great sudden storm of thunder, August 20, 1697.]

Sing to the Lord, ye heav’nly hosts,
And thou, O earth, adore;
Let death and hell through all their coasts
Stand trembling at his power.

His sounding chariot shakes the sky,
He makes the clouds his throne;
There all his stores of lightning lie,
Till vengeance darts them down.

His nostrils breathe out fiery streams
And from his awful tongue
A sovereign voice divides the flames,
And thunder roars along.

Think, O my soul! the dreadful day,
When this incensed God
Shall rend the sky, and burn the sea,
And fling his wrath abroad.

What shall the wretch the sinner do?
He once defied the Lord;
But he shall dread the Thund’rer now,
And sink beneath his word.

Tempests of angry fire shall roll
To blast the rebel worm,
And beat upon his naked soul,
In one eternal storm.

Behind the lines

We often sing of God’s grace, mercy, and love, but we should also sing of His attributes of justice, holiness, and wrath. For when we clearly see the later three, it makes the first three all the sweeter.

Some of Watts most loved hymns are, “Joy to the World,” “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross,” and “Alas! and Did my Savior Bleed.”

The Christian Classics Ethereal Library has made available a free PDF of the “Psalms and Hymns of Isaac Watts” and you can download it from their website. 

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