You Love Me With Your Eyes


I can see it in your eyes
I can sense it across the room
There’s no hiding what you’re feeling
And there’s nothing I can do

You love me with your eyes
You’re in love and everyone knows
You have strength deep inside
And it shines wherever you go
Girl, you take me into your soul when
You love me with your eyes

Everyone else disappears
When you glance over at me
When our eyes meet they lock in a kiss
Like lightning hitting the sea

Waves crashing on a pristine beach
Sunset falling over the ocean side
Starlight as far as the heavens deep
And then there’s your eyes




Timeless, her hand in mine,
Alone, I felt her smile,
As we walked lovingly.

A mysterious gleam,
Stirred, deep within her eyes,
As we talked lovingly.

Lost in her spoken words,
Her lips, caught my gaze,
As I stared lovingly.

We sat facing, holding hands,
“Do you know?” I asked,
She nodded lovingly.

We knew, and we longed for,
A lifetime, endless moments,
To be together, lovingly.

Behind the lines

The day we knew. Somewhere in time with my dearest Amy. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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